Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How is the personal information of the client dealt with?

For Finance Plus Investment Group, clients' privacy is of utmost importance. We utilize the personal information of our clients only to help enhance our services to ensure that you cherish your experience with us.

What guarantee does Finance Plus Investment Group offers to its users?

Our clients can enjoy full peace of mind as we assure them with cent percent protection. We also guarantee that with our unique investment platform they will surely reap positive returns.

How to open an account with Finance Plus Investment Group?

Creating an account with us is quite a simple process. Just follow the enlisted steps-

  • Go to the "CREATE ACCOUNT" page.
  • A registration form will appear, complete it.
  • Click on ‘Create Account’.

Once you get registered, you can access all our services.

What data is available in user's account?

Your account will have an overview as well as details of all your investments. So you can have a look at your investment information, review referral statistics, detailed transaction history, make changes in your profile, etc.

Can a user create multiple accounts with Finance Plus Investment Group?

No, a user is permitted to open only one account with Finance Plus Investment Group.

What are the potential risks related with Finance Plus Investment Group?

When you sign up with us, you need not worry about potential risks any longer. We have professionals to take care of these risks and help provide you a safer environment to invest your funds in best possible manner.

What is the minimum and maximum limit of investment?

The minimum is $20 and there is no maximum, please check our investment page to get more details about the interest rates.

What currency is accepted by Finance Plus Investment Group?

Our Company accepts Bitcoin and US Dollar (through e-currencies such as PerfectMoney, Advcash , Payeer ).

How can a user make a deposit from their account balance?

Our system approves the deposits instantly. If you wish to make a deposit from your account follow the enlisted procedure:

  • Login to your personal investor account with Finance Plus Investment Group
  • Click on ‘Make an Investment’ and then choose ‘"E-currency name" - Account Balance’ option in the select box of Method
  • Enter amount
  • Click on ‘Investment’ button and go through it carefully to determine whether every information is correct
  • Click on the button to complete the process

Can a user make additional investments at any given time?

Yes, a user can make additional investments as and when they like. Our system handles all the transactions separately.

Can a user switch between different investment funds or products? or increase the deposit to reach higher package?

No, each investment is handled separately, you can't add an amount to your previous investment, but you can add a new investment (which would be handled separately).

What are the interest rates at Finance Plus Investment Group?

The interest rates vary depending on the amount of the investments. However, our special investment platform ensures that your investments reap positive returns. You can go through our investment funds page to get more details about the interest rates.

When do the investments of a user starts to produce interest?

It is important for you to know that our company pays business days only. Thus, when you make a deposit, from the next business day your interest will start to accrue.

How can i trust your business?

Finance Plus is working for 2244 days including today (our previous domain was , it was changed to which is a 5 character domain ~2 years ago). In these years we have gained trust of many clients, and we are proud of it.

Can a user compound the interest?

No, Compounding is not available for now.

What do you mean by 'active balance'?

Your active balance is the money that you can withdraw whenever you want or can use it to invest in any of our products.

Can an investor make a deposit by using a particular e-currency and then withdraw his amount in a different e-currency?

No, we do not allow this. You have to withdraw your amount in the same e-currency in which you made the deposit.

What are the minimum and maximum limits to the money that a user can withdraw?

The least that a user can withdraw is $0.01 USD. There is no maximum limit to the amount that an investor can withdraw.

Will an investor get his principal back? Can we withdraw/cancel our investment?

Yes, users may request to withdraw their principal investment any time with a 10% fee.

Please note that we have a limit for withdrawals each month. if the limit is full, releasing option will be available again on the next month.

How can an investor earn referral commission?

An investor can earn referral commission by referring new investors to Finance Plus Investment Group. In order to earn referral commission you don't need to have an active investment with us.

Where is the referral link placed?

Every investor gets his unique referral link. To find it you need to go to 'Referral' page of your account.

When does an investor get paid referral commission?

The referral commission of an investor gets transferred to his active balance as soon as it produces.

How can a user get in touch with customer service?

A user can get in touch with our customer service team via a customer support form, telephone, or physical mail service. You then need to make an appropriate pre-selection of your query. This message will be forwarded to the concerned department and will be answered as soon as possible.